US Battery, 6 Volt Deep Cycle

US Battery

SKU: US2200

 SKU# US2200


20 Hour Rate: 232 Ah

Minutes of Discharge @ 56 AMPS: 175  

Minutes of Discharge @ 25 AMPS: 474 

Minutes of Discharge @ 75 AMPS: 122


Length: 10 1/4" (260 mm)

Width: 7 1/8" (181mm)

Height: 11 1/4" (286mm)


US Battery's Flood Lead Acid Batteries are engineered and proven to provide the fastest cycle-up to full rated capacity and have the highest total energy delivered over the life of the battery.

(w/old battery in exchange, otherwise there’s an additional $ 36.00 per battery core charge w/o an old battery in exchange)

***Shipping Not Included. Must purchase and pick-up at a CCE branch***